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F R A N Z   H E I G L

(1937 - 2011)


Franz Heigl


The artist, originally coming from the Bavarian Forest, followed his graphic talent early on and completed his training as a poster painter and advertising designer. From the beginning of the 1990s until 2011, Franz Heigl worked as a freelance painter, owning his gallery in Chiemgau.

Franz Heigl is one of the most renowned and the most sold painters in Germany.

The reasons of extraordinary success are the versatility of the artist and the special charisma of his motifs.

Flowers, still life and landscape depictions present a large range of his topics. His motives radiate optimism and joy.
Franz Heigl was a wanderer between worlds of pictures. His imagination, his graphic and drawing skills were the basis for creating a variety of unique works of art.

A special feature of his painting style was the combination of different objects, for example, flowers and landscapes. In addition to this were graphic abstractions.

Franz Heigl worked in acrylic, tempera, watercolour and various mixed techniques.

The freshness and lightness of the colours underlines the positive aura of his pictures.

In 2007, the town Traunreut dedicated him an exhibition, in which he was awarded the Cultural Medal of the town Traunreut and Regen.  The artist presented his works at numerous regional and national exhibitions.

Franz Heigl is still one of the most published artists in Germany. In the meantime, he has reproduced more than 800 motifs as artwork, which are successfully distributed by national and international art publishers and in the licensing sector.

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